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impact around the world

contributions since 2010

340 from 37 countries, including 84 audio clips and 108 video clips

distribution in 2015 (approx.)

imagine 2015 reached 1.6 mio music therapists, early childhood music educators, daycare professionals, related service providers, administrators, and parents via social media and over 25,000 via email.

web traffic in 2015

average of 1320/month

over 125 countries


imagine is not an online magazine. It’s an event!”

~ Barbara Else, MPA, LCAT, MT-BC

“The magazine is incredible…engaging and so full of information and broadly representative including the UN of contributors. I am very inspired by the online format.”

~Pamela Winton, Ph.D., Director & PI, National Professional Development Center on Inclusion

From readers and authors

The online magazine imagine is FABULOUS. What a fantastic major contribution to the field. I was awed by the sophistication and wealth of info. Thanks for all you do to further the profession.

imagine is incredible! I can't believe the work you put into it. I'm very proud and excited to be a part of it. I'm doing a workshop in a couple of weeks for a local preschool and will spread the word there and with every other contact I have. It is truly outstanding!!

I had a chance to look at imagine a bit last night. It is absolutely fabulous. Congratulations! I want to go back and read every word and watch every video. Thank you so much for your work!

I just spent the whole morning exploring the imagine website...and I am inspired! Not just by the beautiful layout and design, but also by the amazing multimedia and quality of the content. I have forwarded it on to all my music therapy colleagues in South Africa and I am sure they will enjoy it just as much. Thank you for this wonderful resource.


early childhood music therapy

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